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I have written fairy tales and other children’s stories under the pen name of one of my first characters in my favorite fairy tale that I wrote in 1997 as one of my first fairy tales -- “Princess Jenny and Prince Michael.”

I will let Princes Jenny tell you her story:

My name is Princess Jenny. I enjoy writing children's stories and fairy tales. The Princess Jenny's Collection of Fairy Tales and Stories are stories I’ve created, new and adapted fairy tales written by me.  

One day, while in my garden, I was transported into another realm of my Kingdom where I encountered some orphaned children living alone in a cottage. I stayed at the cottage for some time taking care of the children. The children did not know me as Princess Jenny. I often told the children songs, stories and fairy tales that I made up when I frequently took them on picnics.

Three of the fairy tales are about the adventures of Prince Michael.  As you will read in one of the  fairy tales, Prince Michael  fell in love with Princess Jenny. I wrote the first story about Princess Jenny and Prince Michael. I then wrote about Prince Michael's adventures followed by all the other stories and fairy tales. I also taught the children and so there are several writings of their lessons.

The fairy tales and stories by Princess Jenny are good and wholesome to include in any early learning, reading readiness and homeschooling curriculum. They generally range for ages 1-14, primarily for toddlers, school age, pre-teens and early teens.

Central themes, creatively interwoven throughout these new classic children’s fairy tales and stories, focus on character building, self-esteem, positive thinking, self-reflection --including journal writing--inspiring own voice, self-expression, cultural diversity, environmental and community appreciation. 

Emotional awareness, anger management, puberty, coping skills, fun activities such as arts and crafts, riddles, trivia and poetry encouraging the use of their imaginations as well as inspirational, motivational quotes are interlaced in the stories and fairy tales  written by Princess Jenny to help children explore, reflect, understand their uniqueness and have adventurous fun reading, any time and for bedtime stories and fairy tales.

I remember enjoying simple stories and fairy tales growing up that have inspired me to write encouraging, positive, character building, motivational, impactful stories and fairy tales that parents, educators, teachers and librarians will be happy to select for children to be inspired to dream big, fulfill their potential, experience the joy and adventures of reading with the stories and fairy tales written by Princess Jenny.

Princess Jenny and Prince Michael is the first fairy tale that I wrote in 1997.  This and the three fairy tales that make up the collection--Prince Michael Wins Peace, Prince Michael to the Rescue and Prince Michael’s Search for the Enchanted City--remain my favorite of all my stories and fairy tales as they began the stories and fairy tales written by Princess Jenny. 

 Other Books by Princess Jenny 

Prince Michael’s Search for the Enchanted City

The Dragon in the Great City

The Three Wishes

Prince Michael Wins Peace

Cinderlad and the Princess on the Glass   Hill

How Blue Beard Changed His Ways

Prince Michael to the Rescue

Fairy Bride

Freda, Prima Ballerina

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